Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Korean Depart Review

     I recently got the items that I purchased from Korea Depart , if you want to read the haul click here

     This is a review on the website I'll talk about website organization, prices of the product, shipping cost, shipping time and packing.

Website Organization:
     I personally really like their website organization, they have the sales in the middle of the webpage. The cosmetics was organized in a way where it would be easy to find the item you desire. You could search by function first, and there will also be a different links for different brands in that function group. Or you could select the brand you want to buy then within the brand you could search by function. 

Prices of Products:
     This is the first time I've every bought any Korean skin care/makeup, but I do think that the prices here are fairly cheap. I bought 8 items and they costed $50.16, plus shipping was $67.37, and because of the gift event I got one free item. I got 9 items in the box, and if I average then out it would be around $7 per item.

Shipping Cost:
     The shipping varies depending on the weight of the products you bought. They have 2 choices for shipping EMS and  Registered Airmail.  For my order the net weight was 734g which was 17.21 dollars in shipping cost with Registered Airmail.

Shipping Time:
     According to the website EMS will take in average 5-10 working days, where as Registered Airmail will take on average 2-8 weeks. I ordered my items on June 25th of 2015, it arrived on  July 10th of 2015, that is 14 days (not including Sundays), I was actually really surprised on how fast it got here. I thought I would have to wait for it for at least one month.I'm really happy with the shipping time, though I did not order it on a busy Holiday. Thought Independence day was in the middle of thought days, it still got here, way faster then I thought.

 The Package came like this, the box was in pretty good shape. One thing I didn't like is that everything I order is in a list form on the box.
 When I opened the box, the first thing I see is a whole bunch of bubble wrap.
 After I opened up the bubble wrap, is more bubble wrap. Most of the items are bubble wrapped, except for 2 items, but I mean will all the bubble wrap around it I didn't think it was a big deal.

     Everything came in perfect condition, nothing was broken, nothing leaked, nothing shattered. 

     I would recommend this website. Considering that everything was send directly from Korea, and with the cheap prices on item, and they have gift events and discounts often (I think). The packaging was so careful and awesome, the shipping time was also pretty fast. I would shop here again.


     Hope this review was helpful, and helped you made a decision on weather you would want to use this website to order stuff or not.

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  1. Korean skin care/makeup, it is enough to convince me to buy this product but still I need to consult my doctor before using it in actual as it might not suit my skin. Thank you for sharing the review with us.