Saturday, July 4, 2015

About Me and the Blog

picture taken from a "photo shoot" place in China

Hello!! My name is Lilly, I am 18 years old. I am from China, but I've been living in America for 6 years and I am currently going to college in America. 

If you ask my friends they probably describe me as the nicest but shyest person, ever.

I'm going to be talking about all kinds of stuff on this blog.
At first I wanted to make this a beauty blog, but I'm not that good (since I just got into     makeup really recently), but we can learn together. 
Then I thought about fashion, but I'm just really interested in it, once again not that good, but I can still give advice. As you guys can probably tell from the picture I'm not skinny, which makes the fashion part a bit harder, but I'll still try my best.
But, I also want to share my sketches and my day with this blog and who ever is reading.
So I decided that this blog is going to be about EVERYTHING (that interest me).

There many reasons why I started this blog.
Well first, I've always wanted to share what I know to other people, but as I mentioned     before I am a VERY shy person, I don't talk much (unless I know you VERY well). After consideration this would be the best place to do that.
The next reason is that my wonderful mother bought me a professional camera for my high school graduation, but I didn't have many chance of using it, I thought it would be perfect for this.
The last reason is to improve my English. I have to keep improving my grammar, because   currently my grammar is just all over the place. So if you ever see a grammar mistake in my blog just tell me and it will be greatly appreciated.

That's everything for the first Blog, hope you guys enjoy my blog!! 

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  1. Hello lilly, welcome to the beautiful world of bloggers. Going to bookmark your page to read really good stuff from you.